FYSIOTERAPI med holdning

Hands on –fysioterapi is a woman-owned multidisciplinary clinic located in the center of Copenhagen.

We provide a queer friendly, anti racist environment for multiple health therapies such as physiotherapy, Be Activated  and massage.

Whether you suffer from aching and sore shoulders, a sports injury or just long for a revitalsing massage Hands on – fysioterapi will provide the best manual therapy experience.

For more info; please call us at 26 21 70 62 or click through our webpages.

For English description of our therapists: please hover over OM OS in the top menu. Choose by name and scroll to the bottom.

English option is also available in the booking menu. Simply click on the flag in upper right corner.

Opening Hours

SATURDAY10.00-15.00 every other week
SUNDAY10.00-15.00 every other week


25 min.50 min.75 min.CLASS
BE ACTIVATED600,-800,-135,-
massage/ reflexology/acupuncture300,-550,-800,-
payment with Multi pass250,-450,-120,-
CANCELATION FEE*250,-450,-450,-135,-
* No cancelation fee aply for cancelations made up to 24h in advance.


Company programmes

Please visit this page for creating your personal company profile before attempting to book your first visit. For future bookings: simply click the tab on front page labeled “Booking firma/company


We take good care of your personal data

We have updated our privacy policy. in order to comply with the EU GDPR. We are in the proces of translating the privacy policy into english.

  • what data we collect about you,
  • what purposes we use it for,
  • your rights in relation to your personal data.

It is important to us that you know: We take good care of your data!